Emmanuel Acho Reflects On His Football Journey From High School To The NFL | ALL THE SMOKE

Former NFL linebacker, Emmanuel Acho looks back on his football journey from his time playing to high school to being drafted in the NFL after college.

Audio Version: megaphone.link/CAD4954653041

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  1. Alex Lowe

    Alex Lowe

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    Jax said fuck it imma just show up in my jammies today

  2. Junior Ross

    Junior Ross

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    Stacks asks the worst questions lol.Its like amateur night over there

    • Ruben Calvo

      Ruben Calvo

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      Cause he don’t give af lol

  3. Kav


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    Emmanuel MMMacho: "You need to be BRILLIANT" ... Reffering to himself... 😅

  4. Alxander Daye

    Alxander Daye

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    Yo wtf is Stephen Jackson wearing 😂😂😂

    • Kav


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      Don't make fun of pre-sexchange adjustments

  5. Charles McBride

    Charles McBride

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    That last line from Matt.... ⚰️😂😂🤣🤣

  6. peso peso

    peso peso

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    Aye Jack lol I know what it means but still 😂

  7. Лавр Комаревский

    Лавр Комаревский

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    var.fyi ripping

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    william woodmark

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    First here!!

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